Sietske is the founder of Equi Balance.

She is a qualified Equine Therapist and Equine Podiotherapist.

As an Equine Therapist I combine various techniques, ?which are all gentle, non-invasive types of bodywork therapy?which are highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pains?or problems associated with postural and structural inbalances.

This knowledge, combined with my extensive training and riding instruction experience enables me to give you, and your horse, a high level of support. This support faciliates enhanced performance and results in a healthier, happier, more balanced horse.?

I am based in the South West but travel around WA with regularly trips to Perth.


I am a proud member of the following Associations:




Equine Therapies Association of Australia


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International Equine Body Workers Association


Qualifications & experiences

2016 Equine Taping
2016 Hoof Mapping with Daisy Bicking
2016 Glueing on Shoes with Daisy Bicking
2016 Hoof Rehabilitation clinic with Pete Ramey
2016 Masterclass with Prof. Bowker
2016 Graduated in Equine Podiotherapy
2015 Attended Bowker Lectures / Hoof Conference in Victoria
2015 2 Dissections with Sharon May Davis
2014 2 Dissections with Sharon May Davis
2014 Biomechanics & Biomechanics Advanced classes with Sharon May-Davis
2014 Committee member Equine Therapist Association Australia
2013 Enrolled Equine Podiotherapy
2013 Founder Aromatherapy for Horses, incl. online courses
2013 Dissection & Biomechanics with Sharon May-Davis
2013 Masterclass in Equine Therapies with Sharon May-Davis
2013 Senior First Aid
2012 Co-Founder Equine Study Center in The Netherlands
2012 Biomechanics with Sharon May-Davis
2012 Overview Traditional Chinese Medicine for Horses
2012 EPR II
2011 EPR I, Equine Positional Release, Ortho Bionomy Techniques
2011 Dissection & biomechanics with Sharon May-Davis
2010 Qualified Photonic Red Light Therapist
2010 Qualified Equine Bowen Therapist for Horses and Small Animals
2010 Qualified Equine Body worker
2010 Studied Equine nutrition
2010 Senior first aid
2009 Moved to Australia
2008 Epona course
2005 Studied homeopathy and aromatherapy for animals
2003 Qualified stress counselor
2001 Lived in Canada and got introduced to gaited horses
2001 – 2009 Owned Equestrian Center in The Netherlands
2001 Qualified horse riding instructor
1998 Qualified veterinary nurse
1998 Graduated in Agricultural & Equine Management