If you are looking:

  • to give your horse a nice break after a busy season
  • let your youngster(s) grow and develop in a social herd
  • giving your retired horse a nice old day
  • or a playground for your mare with foal

you have found the right place.




Equi Balance Spelling, Rehab & Retirement Centre

We are a small spelling complex, not overcrowded. We treat your horses as individuals giving them the utmost care and attention.
We understand that your horse has worked hard and needs to relax and recoup its resources before starting the next season.
Leaving your horse with us allows you both to take a break.

We have different facilities which allow your horse to have a holiday depending on your preferences.
With enclosures ranging from small yards to open paddocks, you can be sure that your horse will be treated in a calm, relaxed way by people who devote their lives to horses.


Horse Rehabilitation, Rest and Recovery

Horse rehabilitation services are offered to people with horses that need to rest after an injury, or need extra daily help that the spellingowner is not able to give. If your horse has just left the hospital and you are not able to look after it, let us help you.

We provide regular monitoring and tender-loving-care, as well as individualized feed programs as required, changing of bandages, and any other specialized after care that is needed.

Take full advantage of our location to rehabilitate your horse – we’re situated in the peace and quiet of the Blackwood Valley just south of Bridgetown. The fresh air, peacefulness and relaxed lifestyle of the farm will do wonders for your horse’s physical and mental health.

As a trainer and body worker I work to prepare equine athletes physically and mentally to return to their jobs – show ring, work or pleasure.
Rehab is a holistic process, often involving a variety of professional equine-care specialists working to return a horse to physical and emotional health. The process includes a custom-tailored balance of work, combining various kinds of bodywork, a type of groundwork specifically geared to physical therapy, longe work on a line and at liberty, and mounted work.

Attention is also given to a variety of other health areas, including nutrition, feet and teeth. Rehab horses might be recovering from physical injuries or be returning to a more constructive life after some kind of abuse or neglect.

This work is also helpful for rescue horses and school horses who are basically sound and for older horses or brood mares who are green or are returning to work after a layoff and need some remedial balance and posture practice.


Senior Horse Retirement

Have a horse ready for retirement?

Equi Balance Retirement Centre might just be a dream come true for both you and your horse – for many of the same reasons as the horses that are rehabilitating: Fresh air, peacefulness, socialization and the relaxed lifestyle of the farm will be a beneficial environment for your faithful old friend – both mentally and physically.

We fulfill their special needs for nutrition, trimming, movement and required bodywork.


Facilities & Service

Our paddocks are regularly rotated and fertilized for optimum result.
In 2011 we have re-seeded some of our paddocks with native grasses, grasses that are lower in sugar and therefore better for horses.

All our paddocks are fenced with horse-safe-electric-fence. Natural shade and shelter and free accessible water is available in every paddock.
By having the basic horse needs spread out over a large area, we stimulate the horse to move around which is stimulating healthy hooves and therefore a healthy body. No feet, no horse.

We can also help you when your horse requires bodywork or is recovering from an injury. Look under Rehabilitation.

All horses are fed 1 hard feed per day which includes a custom made mineral mix specially for our property. That way you can be sure your horse won’t be missing the minerals/vitamins he needs.


Your horse will be looked after by Equine Specialists.

We work together with:

  • Equine Therapists
  • Equine Vet
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Experienced Breeders
  • Qualified Equine Dentist
  • Professional Barefoot Trimmer

All horses are wormed the same time and on regularly basis.
All horses need to be up to date with their tetanus vaccines.
All horses are trimmed on a maintenance basis (every 3-5 weeks).



$75 per week incl. hay and 1 hard feed a day.
$25 per wormer
$60 per trim

Contact us to discuss your horse’s special needs like rugging, etc.