What is an Equine Podiotherapist?

(pronounced equine pod-eye-oh-therapist)

As natural hoof care has risen from obscurity to a well respected method of equine hoof care, there has also arisen?a huge need for ?specialists? in the field of rehabilitative natural hoof care.

In the last few years amazing research breakthroughs have been made in this field leading to new insights into the way the hoof and its internal components work together to create a strong unit for life.? This has led to a better understanding of why our domestic horses suffer such a huge amount of lameness over their lifetimes.

Equine Podiotherapy is specialist rehabilitative trimming based in an understanding of anatomy and aimed at re-establishing, as nearly as possible, a physiologically correct and sound hoof. An Equine Podiotherapist is someone who has undertaken training in this field and gained a deep understanding of the latest research as it applies to hoof anatomy and how and why the hoof morphs into unnatural and unhealthy forms.?

If your professional hoof care providers has a Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy from the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy it tells you that your professional hoof care provider has undertaken the most demanding course yet offered in Australia. Two years of training and case studies must be completed before the Diploma is awarded.

A Podiotherapist?s skills go deeper than just surface maintenance trimming, and?they are therefore able to offer specialist rehabilitation strategies based on combining scientific research and natural hoof care practices.?

An Equine Podiotherapist is also trained in the role of the hoof as it relates to equine biomechanics and and the musculo-skeletal system.? They understand how hoof issues influence the entire horse, creating secondary musculo-skeletal issues and gait problems.? They are, in fact, a ?hoof therapist? in every sense of the term.??

Podiotherapy graduates?work from a paradigm based in anatomy & science, not assumptions, which?enables them to work successfully as part of a professional?equine health care team, or alone?in their own practices.

I graduated in Equine Podiotherapy in January 2016.