Professional Barefoot Trimming

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Remedial and maintSietske Equine Podiotherapistenance trimming for the barefoot horse, minis, draught breeds, donkeys and other equines.

To support my qualifications gained overseas I’ve enrolled in the Equine Podiotherapy course offered by the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy.?I graduated in 2016.




Barefoot trimming:

  • Remedial and maintenance trimming for the bare foot horse, minis, draught breeds, donkeys and other equines
  • It provides natural hoof care to keep your horse healthier
  • It helps your horse to transition from shoes to barefoot
  • It supports your horse into a more functional old age by increasing blood flow into the hoof, the hoof wall and sole thickness and strength
  • Is an ideal trimming method to help the hoof recover from shoeing during the off-season
  • Is suitable to help rehabilitate horses suffering from laminitis, navicular syndrome, clubfoot, hoof cracks, seedy toe, hoof abscesses and other acute and chronic conditions


I travel around the whole South West and pay regular visits to Perth area.

Techniques and services

I use different techniques and approaches to aim for long term sound. These include barefoot laser tips, polyurethane shoes, equi casting and hoof boots.

I don’t believe one approach heals all, so I am always researching and trying new products and techniques.


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