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Have you always wanted to own your own Waler who doesn’t only look fantastic but also has an incredible temperament?

Are you looking for a horse with whom you can build a lifelong bond and true partnership?

Do you want a horse who hasn’t been pushed or overworked at a young age? Would you like to grow and develop together? Then Imogen could be your new partner! I spent a lot of time researching and identifying purebred Walers with unique bloodlines, great conformation, amazing temperament that represented the true Waler Horse.

Foal Registered Part Waler
Born: October 2012
Sire: Equinox Midnight Tango (Rocky Mountain Horse x)
Dam: Prenti Down Joanna
Colour: black
Height: around 15.2 hh.

Imogen is a young filly who, from birth, has enjoyed living in a herd environment and as such is well balanced emotionally and socially. She is ready to offer you that once in a lifetime opportunity to continue his education so that you, and she, can grow together. Our goal is to nurture our youngsters so that they are positive, fresh and a ?clean slate? for you. This is your chance to become the new partner of a beautiful young horse with the potential to become a great all-rounder. Imogen is at an age where you will have time and opportunity to build a trusting partnership with her before you start her saddle training ? adding to strong the foundation we have laid. Based in the south west, we have plenty of room and offer our horses large paddocks where they can play and move extensively. This promotes healthy bones and joints. The difference in terrain stimulates hard and solid feet, as well as healthy muscles and digestive systems.

Imogen is easy going, naturally confident and happily leads away from paddock buddies and into new surroundings. She is quite shy, can be reserved and it takes her time to get to know a new person and trust them, but once she does she’ll put in her best efforts.She has great movement and would suit a variety of disciplines from pleasure riding to camp drafting or pony club.

With her black and shiny colour and her stunning looks, Imogen always impresses!

She is up to date with worming, trimming, vaccinations and has had float training.

If you’re looking for an amazing and true partner in crime, Imogen is the one!

Due to changes in my personal circumstances I have decided to sell my Walers. This doesn’t mean I’ll let them go to just anyone for any price.

Asking $3000