Jill Davies is a qualified Equine Nutritionist.

She runs her own business “Feed Your Steed – Equine Diets Based on Science”.

She offers:
  • Qualified Independent Equine Nutritional Advice
  • Design of Equine Diets
  • Bespoke Minerals Mixes
Jill: “Equine Nutrition is predominately a biological science, & as such, influences the entire horse’s body & cognizance. When helping horse-owners, I try to take exceptional care to achieve a thorough understanding of all the aspects of your horse’s unique lifestyle, whether it is a competition horse or a retiree. This holistic approach permits me to analyse each horse’s specific & individual situation.
Horses are more than just performers, they are family. Horses are special & the bonds we form with them are like no other. For all their large size, they are really quite delicate & do rely on us to keep them healthy. Feeding horses appropriately for their age, body condition, physical requirements, & even their emotional temperament, requires more than hug & a smile …….
Horse’s, like people, are individuals & should be fed as such. What applies for a particular horse, may not work for another. This is why it is baffling to buy a supplement, let’s say, based on the promoted benefits alone. Or, feeding the new wonder horse supplement on the market as your friend does to their horse. This may not work for your horse. This is where comprehensive nutritional advice from a qualified equine nutrition professional is advantageous. The advice you receive should be designed for your horse & no one else’s.
So, if you find you need friendly, practical advice & information in maximising & maintaining your horse’s health through dietary means consider obtaining qualified equine nutritional support from Feed Your Steed, to help you make sense of it all.”