Polyurethane Shoes

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What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is known for its high performance properties such as abrasion resistance, tear resistance, slip resistance, durability, flexibility, load bearing and concussion absorbing capabilities far superior than plastic, rubber or metal.

Polyurethane horse shoes are designed to absorb most of the concussion caused by impact, a major contributor and cause of many hoof and leg ailments.12193543_911307898949928_732609712653557625_n

The elasticity of the Polyurethane material minimizes hard impacts and reduces the risk of injury and strain.

The shoes encourage a more natural flexibility and movement of the hoof allowing the lower leg and hoof capsule to better cope with the rigors of exercise.

Polyurethane shoes are all purpose, concussion absorbing horse shoes, suitable for all horses and activities.


                                     If your horse is performing in a discipline where hoof boots are not permitted then the polyurethane shoes may be an option for you.

I use different brands of polyurethane shoes, but my favourite is the Easycare Shoe.These come in different models and can be applied either by glueing or nailing.


Polyurethane shoes are used in many different disciplines.

For Rehabilitation

The Easyshoe is an exceptional tool for horses with hoof problems.

Farriers and professional trimmers alike will find it useful for situations where steel shoes can no longer be kept in place and the hoof capsule is slowly weakening due to lack of hoof mechanism which is usually accommpanied by slow or no hoof growth.

The “spacers” accessory make it invaluable for dealing with contracted heels as they can be changed during the shoeing cycle without removing the shoes.

The EasyShoe can also be filled with various sole support materials.


















“From Easycare Website”



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