Clayton Shakira

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Have you always wanted to own your own purebred Waler who doesn’t only look fantastic but also has an incredible temperament?

Are you looking for a horse with whom you can build a lifelong bond and true partnership?

Do you want a horse who hasn’t been pushed or overworked at a young age? Would you like to grow and develop together?

Then Shakira could be your new partner!








Named after the singer Shakira because of her sexy hips, Shakira is a unique blue roan colour. Born and bred at Clayton station I purchased Shakira in 2012 to become part of my breeding program. I spent a lot of time researching and identifying purebred Walers with unique bloodlines, great conformation, amazing temperament that represented the true Waler Horse.

Sire: Clayton Jolly Josh
Dam: Clayton Jody (See photo of registration papers for more info.)

Shakira is a purebred Foundation Waler mare, 9 years young, approx 16 hh and has had 2 foals with me. She has always lived in a social herd situation in large paddocks. She has been barefoot her whole life and is up-to-date with vaccinations, worming and trimming.

Shakira has had some basic work done the last few weeks, including groundwork and saddle training. She has had a few rides. I would still consider her a green horse and therefore not suitable for a beginner.

Shakira can be reserved at first but once she knows you she is very interactive, wanting to learn and please. If you’re looking for an amazing and true partner in crime, Shakira is the one!

Due to changes in my personal circumstances I have decided to sell my Walers. This doesn’t mean I’ll let them go to just anyone for any price.

Asking $7500