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When to use hoof boots?

It may be necessary to use hoof boots for a while when you first start transitioning your horse to go barefoot. Often a newly de-shod foot is not able to cope with the varying surfaces you may encounter when trail riding or during turnout so boots are used to make the horse more comfortable until the hoof has built up condition.

Many horses also need equine hoof pads in the boots for additional support. Some shoeless horses are lucky and don’t need them but for most horses it is something that you do need to invest in (even if only for occasional use). The majority of horses only need them on their front feet.

They can also be used to make a horse more comfortable when they are suffering from abscesses, laminitis/founder or navicular.

Another scenario where boots are useful is if you keep your horse on a soft terrain but want to ride on hard, abrasive terrain. It is not fair to expect the hoof to cope with the harder terrain when it hasn’t been conditioned to it, but by using hoof boots you can overcome this issue and keep your horse comfortable.


Models, types & Sizes

These days hoof boots come in many different models and sizes. It’s important you use a boot that has been fitted to your horse’s foot.

I’m a distributor for Easycare Downunder, Renegades and the new Scoot Boot.


Hoof Boot Fitting Service

I provide a hoof boot fitting service. We look at different aspects as the type of riding you do, discipline, the reason you need hoof boots, etc. A proper assessment will make sure you get the right boot for your horse.


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