Breeding Aims

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Breeding aims

My breeding aims are to breed a true Waler horse using foundation bloodlines suitable for many different disciplines.

I am a proud member of the Waler Horse Society of Australia.Joanna 2012
All the horses I use for breeding are registered with the WHSA.

The Waler was originally bred to be a working horse and today they still do stock and harness work but they are also being recognised as excellent performers in the equine sporting arena and proving to be a good horse for any horse enthusiast.

The hardy Waler with their versatility, intelligence, speed and stamina make them very competitive in all forms of equine sport including Endurance, Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Cutting, Roping and Pony Club.

For those not wanting to compete, Walers are also great for Trail Riding and Recreational/Pleasure riding due to their loyal nature and “go all day” stamina. Those of us fortunate enough to own a Waler find they have the true Aussie spirit of being friendly, laid back a bit of a larrikin, a wonderful mate that will be willing to give you everything they have got and more once you have earned their trust.

walerToday some Foundation Walers are still brought in from the wild or off outback stations increasing the number of horses with the Waler bloodline, however the main source of Walers are to be found today on the WHSA registered Waler Studs scattered throughout Australia where quality horses can be found.

The Waler is in high demand these days often selling as young as weanlings, the true Waler is not easy to find the reason being when you own a Waler you are very reluctant to part with them.

We breed a few foals every year that we offer for sale for the right home.

As the revival of the Waler breed progresses, Walers are now involved in an ever-increasing number at Agricultural Shows, Horse shows and competitions, sporting, endurance, trail riding, camp drafting, cutting and Heritage Light Horse Troops.

The Waler Events page lists up and coming events and if there is one near you, do yourself a favour and come out and see Walers competing for yourself or visit one of the registered Waler studs near you.